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Free state health insurance to pay for abortion (Medicaid)


Oregon has a state health insurance program (called Medicaid, or the Oregon Health Plan) that pays for most health care services, including abortion. Depending on your income, you could qualify for this free health coverage. Only U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents of more than five years qualify. Undocumented immigrants and legal permanent residents of fewer than five years do not qualify.

Who can qualify for Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan)

  • People within certain income limits 
  • Minors who are able to get help from parents or guardians to apply
  • U.S. citizens 
  • Legal permanent residents of at least five years

many people who do not qualify for medicaid can still get coverage through the state of oregon

If you qualify for DACA, are undocumented, are a legal permanent resident of less than 5 years, or have another immigration status that makes you ineligible for Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan), you may be eligible to receive coverage through the Reproductive Health Equity Act.  If your income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level, the full cost of your abortion care would be covered by the state. Contact NWAAF or your local abortion provider to learn more.

The Reproductive Health Equity act also requires most private health insurance plans to cover the cost of abortion care with no out-of-pocket costs. If your insurance company says that they will not cover the cost of your procedure, contact NWAAF or your local abortion provider to learn about options.

How to apply

You can apply to Oregon Health Plan at, or call toll-free at 1-800-699-9075. In-person application help is available if you need it.

Other options for abortion funding

Contact your abortion clinic to see if help is available through the clinic.

Or check our resources on obtaining a medication abortion without having to go to a clinic. Find our more about our Medication Abortion by Mail partnerships.

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

For financial help from NWAAF, please call our helpline at 1-866-NWAAF10 (1-866-692-2310) or fill out our online form. If your appointment is in the next 36 hours, please opt to call the helpline.

Funding is limited, and we cannot guarantee help to every caller. Vouchers are sent directly to the abortion clinic.  

When you call our helpline, please be prepared to leave a message with:  

  • Your name and how to spell it
  • Phone number, including area code
  • How far along you are in the pregnancy
  • The date and location of your abortion appointment
  • The best time to call you back    

Our trained volunteer advocates will follow up within 48 hours. 

Traveling for an abortion?

  • If you're traveling for abortion care, and need help with lodging and/or transportation, the Abortion Access Network may be able to help. To learn more, contact NWAAF at 1-866-NWAAF10 and choose option 3 from the menu or fill out our online form.
  • Abortion doula services, as well as help with ground transportation in Portland, are available through partner organization Cascades Abortion Support Collective (CASC). You can reach CASC at (503) 610-0692.

Abortion law in Oregon

  • Oregon has a state health insurance program (called Medicaid, or Oregon Health Plan) that pays for most health care services, including abortion. 
  • While there is no law that requires parental consent or notification in Oregon, any minor under the age of 15 receiving medical care or treatment, including abortion, is required to have parental consent.
  • There are no laws in Oregon that limit how late in the pregnancy abortions can be performed.