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State health insurance does not pay for abortion.

Idaho’s free state health insurance program (Idaho Medicaid) does not pay for abortion unless the procedure is necessary to save a person's life, or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. NWAAF is not aware of any case in which a person was able to get Idaho Medicaid to pay for an abortion.

Other options for abortion funding

Contact your abortion clinic to see if help is available through the clinic.

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

For financial help from NWAAF, please call our helpline at 1-866-NWAAF10 (1-866-692-2310) or fill out our online form. If your appointment is in the next 36 hours, please opt to call the helpline.

Funding is limited, and we cannot guarantee help to every caller. Vouchers are sent directly to the abortion clinic.

When you call our helpline, please be prepared to leave a message with:  

  • Your name and how to spell it
  • Phone number, including area code
  • How far along you are in the pregnancy
  • The date and location of your abortion appointment
  • The best time to call you back    

Our trained volunteer advocates will follow up within 48 hours. 

Traveling for an abortion?

If you're traveling for abortion care, and need help with lodging and/or transportation, the Abortion Access Network may be able to help. To learn more, contact NWAAF at 1-866-NWAAF10 and choose option 3 from the menu or fill out our online form.

Abortion law in Idaho

Medicaid and insurance

  • Idaho Medicaid (state health insurance) does not cover abortion under state law.
  • Under Idaho law, most private insurance plans do not cover abortion. To get private insurance coverage for abortion, you must pay a separate monthly premium.

Abortion Ban

Abortion is banned in Idaho, except in cases of sexual violence with a police report and medical emergencies. Idahoans can legally travel out of state for abortion care. Helping others travel for care or providing care to an Idaho resident in another state is legal. While a ban on assisting minors travel out-of-state for abortion care was passed, that law is currently on hold as it makes its way through the legal system.