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5/4 Volunteer Interest Update

We are so thankful for the outpour of support from our community in recent days. If you'd like to get involved, please do review the opportunities listed below and fill out the interest form. The influx of interest has been so large that it is going to take us a bit to follow up with all of you, and it is looking like there may be more interest and volunteer capacity than NWAAF can utilize in a timely manner. In the meantime, we will keep you updated with ways to get involved with us and other organizations fighting for reproductive justice and working to create abortion access. If you are able, please consider donating or fundraising for NWAAF within your community.


NWAAF is a volunteer-driven organization. Trained, compassionate volunteer advocates make our work possible, from staffing the hotline to offering rides! If you're interested in volunteering to break down barriers to abortion access for people across the Northwest, fill out this brief form and we'll get back to you shortly!

Our Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Providing rides or homestays: Can you drive folks to their appointments or host them? Homestays are fully on pause during the pandemic, but we will follow up with anyone interested when we reopen that program. We are still giving rides during covid, though! 
  • Case management: We run a hotline (it's more like a warm line) fully remotely and staffed by volunteers. There are two kinds of volunteers on the hotline, practical support coordinators, who work directly with callers to provide them with travel, cash assistance, childcare, meals, etc., and funding advocates, who talk with callers to assess their needs and then send funding vouchers directly to clinics. If you want to work on the hotline, you don't have to decide for sure which role you'd like to do until part way through the training process. Fluent Spanish-speakers are especially needed and encouraged to get involved!
  • Emotional support: We are expanding our emotional support services offered through the hotline and currently seeking a few more volunteers who are already trained as abortion or full spectrum doulas. Doula leads will hold space for callers to process their feelings and experiences as needed, primarily over the phone.
  • Other leadership opportunities: We are frequently looking for volunteers to take on leadership roles helping with training our new volunteers, engaging with our callers and managing caller data, or overseeing the hotline volunteers on shift. If you have any skill sets well suited to any of those roles and would like a mix of independent work and a couple of meetings each month, please indicate that you're interested in leadership roles in your volunteer form and we can chat more about it.

It is helpful to note that NWAAF invests a few months into the vetting and training of each volunteer. Because of that investment, we ask that all volunteers make a good faith commitment to volunteer with us for at least two years.

Questions? Email us at

Outside the Northwest, but still interested? Find your local fund!

Raise money for abortion care in the Northwest!

One of the most vital ways you can help people get access to the care and support they need is to ask 5 friends to chip in to provide financial support. This can help with the cost of a hotline caller’s health care or travel needs to get to their appointment. Encourage your friends to donate on our website, or email us at to discuss coordinating your personalized fundraiser!